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Vessel is an unoccupied body or cadaver, which can be possessed by the player and then becomes an Avatar. There only can be one vessel possessed at a time, but one can own more than one vessel. Unpossessed vessels are like any other inventory object. Vessels can be collected, traded and crafted, too.

New vessels can also be found during campaigns (on graveyards) and since they are like any other item, they are subject to inventory capacities and embargo rules.

If players allow their vessel to be destroyed, they will lose any applied discipline runestones.

Avatars can leave a vessel either per death or voluntarily.

Crafting[ | ]

Each race has its own vessel recipe, using combinations of the following body part types:

  • Elven
  • Human
  • Centaur
  • Guinecean
  • Minotaur
  • Stoneborn

Crafting starts with Desiccated Body Parts, which need to be crafted into Restored Body Parts by being combined with Ambrosia.

If a blue or higher Necromancer Crafting Belt is worn the Multi-Magnification Goggles can be equipped.

While crafting the restored body parts, if the goggles are equipped, new slots are opened up for Necromancy Additives.

Each body part has two different attributes that it gives a bonus to, and increases the cap of.

Body Part Attribute 1 Attribute 2
Arm Dexterity Strength
Centaur Body Dexterity Strength
Head Intellect Spirit
Leg Dexterity Strength
Torso Constitution Spirit

Each restored body part has a rarity from white-gold, and experimentation occurs when crafting is successful.

NecromancerArmElfGrey NecromancerBodyElfGrey NecromancerHeadElfGrey NecromancerLegElfGrey

Combining the appropriate combinations of race body parts creates the vessel itself:


A Philosopher's Stone can be added to increase two attribute values and cap.

When crafting is successful, experimentation occurs.