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Recipes in Crowfall are fluid and the ingredients are not strict, which leads to a higher degree of system exploration.[1] The player can choose which tiers of the resources to put in the slots and as long as the slots are filled with something valid, the recipe will craft. This reduces the recipe count significantly and every recipe in the player’s book remains useful.

Additives that are dropped by the creatures can be added to alter the item in a significant way.[2] While the recipe list is shorter, the possible outcomes are greater than a standard crafting system. Additional stages that can enhance the item, such as refining the alloys, forging the weapon and enchanting it with Thralls, increase the possible combinations. Ores from all resource tiers are used throughout the entire crafting tree, which means that no ore becomes obsolete. Any metal, leather or cloth can be used to fill the corresponding slots.[3]

Crafting UI

Pre-Alpha Crafting Interface

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