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Used along with a piece of Leather Padding to craft the helmet, gloves, and boots of a plate set. Each plate requires three slots of metal, the top slot requiring iron. Different metals will produce different wildcard effects. Unlocking the Rare Armorsmith belt will decrease the number of ore required to craft the plates.

Plate Wildcards:[ | ]

Note: Each of the following wildcards require iron in addition to the listed ores

  • Aurelium Steel: Electricity Resistance (Aurelium + Copper)
  • Blue Steel: Slashing Resistance (Silver + Tin )
  • Bright Steel: Ice Resistance (Copper + Silver)
  • Dark Bronze: Fire Resistance (Copper + Tin)
  • Dark Electrum: Piercing Resistance (Aurelium + Silver)
  • Forest Aurelium: Crushing Resistance (Aurelium + Tin)
  • Invar: Nature Resistance (Iron + Tin)
  • Silvered Iron: Poison Resistance (Iron + Silver)
  • Steel: Bleed Resistance (Copper + Iron)
  • Tiger Iron: Disease Resistance (Aurelium + Iron)