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Backstory[ | ]

2 and so did Arkon swear to bring his brother to Justice 3 but his heart sought vengeance, not peace. 4 With bitterness and anger, he took up the greatsword Retribution and swore that this crime would not go unanswered. 5 The High Prince cried across the Heavens to his twin, 6 “As thou has shamed me, so shall ye be shamed!” 7 and he challenged Prince Kane to a duel by light of first morning.

8 The younger prince Kane did weep, for the loss of his brother was almost as great as the loss of Life 9 and the shame fell heavy on his great shoulders. 10 On break of dawn, Kane did come to the place of his brother's choosing 11 but he brought not the greathammer Sorrow with him.

12 The first bird of morning did witness his arrival, and said unto him 13 “why do you come thus unarmed to the house of your Father?”14 and Kane replied, “I cannot undo that which I have done. I wish to live no longer."[1]
~ Book of Shadows, Chapter 19: 2 through 14

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