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The God's Reach, much like the Eternal Kingdoms and Infected, is a world with no win conditions and no end (in contrast with the Campaigns, which are time-limited and have win conditions). Unlike the other worlds, PvP is not available at all in the God's Reach. Everyone who enters one of these worlds is automatically placed on the same faction and all structures within that world are already owned by that faction and thus uncontestable. The God's Reach is meant to be a safe world for new players to land and get their bearings, or for more PvE-minded players to harvest without threat of PvP. The resources available here, however, are very limited, and will be lower quality when compared to other worlds. There are also hostile War Tribes and creatures that can kill unwary players.

Lore[ | ]

The universe of Crowfall is being consumed by a force called the Hunger. Worlds that have been touched by the Hunger are doomed to be consumed by it and no one, not mortal or god, has any power to stop its festering destruction. These are called the Dying Worlds. The God's Reach is called that because, simply, it describes a world still within the reach of the gods. These worlds are safe, as much as anything can be safe from the all-consuming Hunger. Under a thin veil of protection, these are some of the last places that have staved off the corruption and death, though with dozens of worlds' worth of refugees pouring in from the Dying Worlds, the worlds in the God's Reach have their own concerns.

God's Reach Gameplay[ | ]

Seasons[ | ]

Because of the magical nature of the God's Reach, the worlds here don't undergo seasons in the same way as other worlds. They are perpetually in spring and the Hunger doesn't spread its unnatural winter to the world... yet.


Pristine God's Reach Temple

Embargo[ | ]

Although embargo limits are very important in Campaigns#Embargo, the God's Reach has no embargo. You can freely move items in and out of your Vault while in any God's Reach world.

Runegates and Zones[ | ]

Worlds within the God's Reach are made up of multiple floating islands (also called zones) connected by runegates. Each of these zones will have a unique, procedurally generated map and may be up to 5,120m by 5,120m in size.

Temples are where your character spawns the first time you enter that world. They consist of a Hero Statue, sacrifice braziers, a market and crafting area, and a vault. Temples are safe areas no matter what world you're on.

Training zones are not quite as safe. Although there is no PvP in the God's reach, the training zones will still have hostile War Tribes and creatures that may prove too much for a new player. The God's Reach also has outposts, forts, and keeps, though they cannot be claimed or sieged like they can in the Infected or Campaigns.

Outposts[ | ]

Outposts are the smallest structures. They are useful because they can offer strategic services like closer respawn areas, sacrifice braziers, and banking opportunities.

Forts[ | ]

Forts are mid-sized structures. Forts have merchants and crafting stations located within their walls.

Keeps and Castles[ | ]

Keeps and castles are the largest structures. They have merchants and crafting stations located within their walls.