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Eternal Kingdoms[1] are player-owned worlds which can be built up into sprawling towns, mighty palaces, gladiatorial rings, marketplaces, crafting areas, and more.

The player who created the Kingdom is considered the monarch, and has full administrative rights to that Kingdom. They can set rules as to how the Kingdom operates (PvP, public or private, Kingdom name, etc), and can use the fealty system to assign permissions to other players.

Each account has the capacity to create one Eternal Kingdom of its own, but it's not required to create or maintain one.

Size[ | ]

Eternal Kingdoms are made up of cells that measure 128m x 128m.[2] A Kingdom can be a maximum of 20 cells by 20 cells, making a total possible area of 6,553,600m².Each Kingdom starts with one temple parcel, around which other parcels of land can be added. These parcels can be crafted in-game or purchased through the Crowfall store.

Creating[ | ]

Eternal Kingdoms are created while proceeding through a tutorial. Kingdoms are intially made up of land that can not be built upon, called "wilds"

Parcels of land are required to allow to be built upon. The size of the initial parcel of land given is <unknown>

Early backers donating via KickStarter[3] were given tax-free parcels of land depending on their donation level.

Pledge Level Number of free Parcels
$40 1
$60 2
$100 2
$130 3
$175 3
$250 9
$500 15
$1000 20
$2500 80
$5000 180
$10000 320

Pledging still offers Tax-free parcels of land for certain levels

Pledge Level Number of tax-free Parcels
Amber 5
Sapphire 10
Ruby 20
Emerald 40
Diamond 80
Bloodstone 160

Parcels[ | ]

Parcels, are pre-joined land cells, which can be placed by players in their Eternal Kingdoms. Since the Kickstarter days, the Crowfall team often referred to them as Tetris pieces. The parcels contain a grid of hundreds of smaller subdivisions, which are called lots.

Building Assets can be dropped on the parcels, like props, resource spawners ("Harvestable" resource spawners, not factories!), NPC, monster spawners, buildings, strongholds and etc.

Parcels are purchased using in-game resources or via the game Store

Parcels are then placed using the Kingdom Builder tool. Parcels of land are shaped like Tetris blocks and mesh with each other to form the land to build upon.

Image shows a Concept of the Kingdom Builder screen with the Tetris blocks outlined in Red

Parcels are divided into two types - Stronghold and Resources Stronghold Parcels are intended for housing and marketplace areas - players can place their houses around the stronghold to form villages, towns or cities. Resource Parcels are placed around Stronghold Parcels to provide some benefit to the Stronghold. Resource parcels can increase the number of occupants in the Stronghold or can offset the tax to maintain the buildings around the Stronghold

Resource Parcels[ | ]

Resource Parcels
Cell Size Configuration Parcel Name Benefits
1 Single Square
Parcel 1x1
Stone Circle
Minor Lake
Basic Swamp
Small Forest
2 2 x 1
Basic Rockwall
3 3 x 1
No Image
No Tile Name
Parcel Size 3L
Wooded Cliff
4 4 x 1
No Image
No Tile Name
2 x 2
Open Field
No Image
No Tile Name
Parcel Size 4Z
River Town

Stronghold Parcels[ | ]

Strongholds can be upgraded in the occupancy size and build-able area. Stronghold progression from smallest to largest is Estate, Fortification, Keep, Castle, Fortress, Citadel and Palace. These progressions change cell size and configuration. Progressions have intermediate progressions of Small, Medium and Large which do not change cell size or configuration.

Stronghold Name Stronghold Level Parcel Cell Size Occupancy Buildable Area
Estate Small ?
Fortification Small ?
Keep Small ?
Castle Small ?
Fortress Small ?
Citadel Small ?
Palace Small ?

Buildings[ | ]

After a parcel of land has been placed into the Kingdom buildings can be placed on the parcel by using the Parcel Builder Tool

Buildings can be upgraded which improves the aesthetic quality and may provide better benefits

Parcel Builder

Lots Required Structure Name Structure Icon Benefits Upgrade Benefit
4 Cottage Style A Cottage
Cottage Style B Cottage
Graves Graves
Archway Archway
8 Double Cottage DoubleCottage
Prayer House PrayerHouse
9 Villa Style A VillaStyleA
Villa Style B VillaStyleB
12 Manor Style A ManorStyleA
Church Church
Small Hall SmallHall
Cemetery Cemetery
Small Tavern SmallTavern
16 Town Hall TownHall

Public or Private[ | ]

The Kingdom can be made Private which allows you to allow access to only players you want or the Kingdom can be made Public which allows anyone to build in the Kingdom and expand the abilities of the Kingdom. The ruler of the Kingdom still has ultimate control over the Kingdom so if a player is straying outside their guidelines then the ruler can remove the player from the Kingdom.

Setting Public or Private or removing players can be done in the Kingdom Builder

Public Private

Players in a Kingdom can be assigned a ruler status, the ruler hierarchy from most powerful to least is Monarch, Noble, Vassal and Tenant. All privileges of a status are adopted by any status above them in the hierarchical tree, that is a Noble can do what a Vassal and Tenant can do but cannot perform the functions of a Monarch.

Monarchs can set PvP rules, set taxes, and grant regions to players. A Noble can grant Lots to Vassals. Vassals can place buildings onto Lots and grant access for Tenants to those building. Tenants can place relics and thralls into buildings they have access to.

Regions[ | ]

As the monarch of an Eternal Kingdom you can divide up the kingdom into different regions and allow other players to take control of that region. This is done using the Kingdom Builder


A player can leave an Eternal Kingdom and take all land parcels and buildings that they have purchased and move to another Eternal Kingdom.

If the ruler of the Kingdom removes you from their Kingdom the land parcels and buildings that you have purchased remain with you.

Adventure Parcels[ | ]

Adventure Parcels are dynamic world sets with unique areas like mazes, dungeons and more, including some powerful enemies and unique resources, which cannot be found in the other worlds.

This is part of the new PvE experience of Crowfall. While PvE isn't the focus of the game, it's there to rise threat and spice up the gaming experience, making it more appealing for a wider range of MMORPG-Players.

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