The size of the Embargo Vault changes based on Campaign type. As a general rule, longer and more risky Campaigns will have larger Embargo Vaults (higher risk leads to higher reward).

The primary factor that determines the size (and loss factor) of the Embargo is how well a player's team (faction or guild) finished in the Campaign, as well as their individual contribution to the Campaign.

The length of time spent in a Campaign will be used to scale the final results. This is done to prevent players from waiting until the last moment and then jumping on the winning team of a Campaign just to get the reward. (In fact, Players who join at the very end may get no reward -- even if their team is victorious).

The more difficult the ruleset of a Campaign – and the longer of a commitment the player is required to make -- the larger the potential payout from the Embargo.

  • Each player will have their own Embargo Vault to fill, in each Campaign. Players will need to balance how much of the world’s resources are dedicated to helping the team win, versus how much they want to scavenge for themselves.


To place item(s) into the Embargo Vault, players must physically transfer those items to a particular type of Point of Interest known as a Summoning Circle. The Summoning Circle acts like a giant bank, and can be found in only the most hostile areas.

If players can make it safely inside the Summoning Circle, then any items they place inside their Embargo Vault will be locked there until the conclusion of the Campaign. It is just like a bank in many respects.

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