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Elkens in Crowfall belong to the playable Races, which were introduced alongside with the newly added Classes in the massive reveal on May 18th, 2017. The old Archetypes, which were presented earlier, became completely obsolete.

Stalker Male

Concept:Elken Ranger

Crowfall ElkenTemplar Watermark

Concept:Elken Templar

Description[ | ]

It is said the first of the Elken was D’Orion, the greatest mortal hunter who ever lived. Born of man, he was the master of bow and blade, and the thrill of the kill burned deep within him. Hunting for survival is part of life, but hunting for sport is a grave sin against the gods.

D’Orion, then, was the greatest of sinners, for with each passing year he ranged further afield in search of more exotic and dangerous prey. One day he wandered too deep into Gaea’s wood, and Gaea cursed him for her displeasure, transforming him from a man into a beast – a beast that other men would find irresistible to kill.

Yet D’Orion, the greatest hunter, proved to be elusive prey. For a hundred years, hunters came and hunters perished in that wood. No man proved to be his better. Eventually, Gaea’s heart softened and where once was there was anger, pride blossomed. D’Orion was not a rival; he was her great creation. She named him Son and gave him the gift of divinity. She offered him a seat at the table of the gods and had Kane fashion for him a winged chariot so that he could hunt the beasts of the sky.

Thus are born the Elken. Gaea’s curse still hangs over the deepest of forest; any hunter who ranges too far deep risks losing himself – and is reborn, with hooves and horns.

Silent and brooding, the Elken speak mostly through gestures. They apparently keep no memory of the men they once were, but retain their intellect and, of course, their love of the hunt. [1]

Available Classes[ | ]

Related[ | ]

Race/Class combinations

Racial Discipline[ | ]

Race Elken

Discipline as of version 7.0.0

  • Attributes:
Dex: +60
Str: +30
  • Statistics:
Const. Cap: +350
Dex. Cap: +300
Int. Cap: +200
Spirit Cap: +250
Strg Cap: +250
  • Discipline

Powers granted

Gaea's Tears
Tannin Techniques
Head Butt
Dive Roll

Racial Powers and Passives[ | ]


Gallery[ | ]

Character Model (Pre-Alpha-5.100)[ | ]

Male Only

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