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Please note, this is a game in development, and all disciplines still might undergo a lot of changes.

Note: As of 5/20/21 and Early Access Update 6.530 Disciplines are now split as follows: 2 Major, 2 harvest/crafting (Exploration) and 2-4 minors depending on race and build. Many of the Majors and Minors are still in the game but until this page has been updated this list is inaccurate.

Disciplines in Crowfall were revealed on May 18th, 2017. At the moment, there are 35 major, 39 minor disciplines[citation needed]. Some only can be used by certain classes, while some are available for all classes. To equip a discipline simply drag it into its respective slot in the Discipline UI. However, disciplines cannot be unequipped, instead the current discipline must be destroyed before being replaced. Each player starts with their race discipline which depends on their Vessel selection and cannot be unequipped.

Each player can equip up to 2 Major Disciplines, 2 harvest/crafting (Exploration) and 2-4 minors depending on race and build.

Major Combat Disciplines[]

Exploration Disciplines[]

Discipline Powers granted Stats Can be equipped by Description Equips granted Slots granted Power trays granted
Connoisseur Finer Things
- All "I am a devotee to the finer things." - - -
Foreman Take It Down!
Back To Work!
Lead From The Front
- All "Progress is attained quicker with all hands contributing." - - -
Gravedigger Empowered Grave Digging Plentiful Resources Grave: All +1.25 All "We are creatures made from borrowed parts, but have our own unique souls." - - -
Hoarder Usurious Bargain
I Need This!
- All "My dear sir, parting with my collections is such a sweet sorrow that I dare not do it." - - -
Logger Empowered Logging Plentiful Resources Wood: All +1.25 All "The fresh smell of sawdust is the sweetest scent on can inhale." - - -
Lookout Keen Eye
- All "Enhanced vision!" - - -
Miner Empowered Mining Plentiful Resources Ore: All +1.25 All "The day's work is not done until a 'pile' has been made." - - -
Quarryman Empowered Quarrying Plentiful Resources Stone: All +1.25 All "The foundation can be broken, and from it comes a plethora of minerals." - - -
Skinner Empowered Skinning Plentiful Resources Animal: All +1.25 All "Not for the squeamish!" - - -
Survivalist Burst of Strength
Bounty of The Land
- All "Extinction is the rule while survival is the absolute exception." - - -
Villein Put Your Back Into It!
Seasoned Hand
- All "It is practice and wisdom that creates a knowledgeable hand." - - -

Harvesting Disciplines[]

GraveDiggerGreen.png GraveDiggerBlue.png GraveDiggerPurple.png GraveDiggerGold.png

LoggerGreen.png LoggerBlue.png LoggerPurple.png LoggerGold.png

MinerGreen.png MinerBlue.png MinerPurple.png MinerGold.png

QuarrymanGreen.png QuarrymanBlue.png QuarrymanPurple.png QuarrymanGold.png

SkinnerGreen.png SkinnerBlue.png SkinnerPurple.png SkinnerGold.png

Crafting Disciplines[]

AlchemistGreen.png AlchemistBlue.png AlchemistPurple.png AlchemistGold.png

ArmorsmithGreen.png ArmorsmithBlue.png ArmorsmithPurple.png ArmorsmithGold.png

JewelcrafterGreen.png JewelcrafterBlue.png JewelcrafterPurple.png JewelcrafterGold.png

LeatherworkerGreen.png LeatherworkerBlue.png LeatherworkerPurple.png LeatherworkerGold.png

NecromancerGreen.png NecromancerBlue.png NecromancerPurple.png NecromancerGold.png

RunemakerGreen.png RunemakerBlue.png RunemakerPurple.png RunemakerGold.png

StonemasonGreen.png StonemasonBlue.png StonemasonPurple.png StonemasonGold.png

WeaponsmithGreen.png WeaponsmithBlue.png WeaponsmithPurple.png WeaponsmithGold.png

WoodworkerGreen.png WoodworkerBlue.png WoodworkerPurple.png WoodworkerGold.png

Exotic Disciplines[]

ConnoisseurGreen.png ConnoisseurBlue.png ConnoisseurPurple.png ConnoisseurGold.png

ForemanGreen.png ForemanBlue.png ForemanPurple.png ForemanGold.png

HoarderGreen.png HoarderBlue.png HoarderPurple.png HoarderGold.png

LookoutGreen.png LookoutBlue.png LookoutPurple.png LookoutGold.png

SurvivalistGreen.png SurvivalistBlue.png SurvivalistPurple.png SurvivalistGold.png

VilleinGreen.png VilleinBlue.png VilleinPurple.png VilleinGold.png

Minor Disciplines[]





Resource Based

*These minor disciplines grant an accessory slot

Weapon Disciplines[]

This information is outdated as of release.

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