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Cybele is a goddess in Crowfall.

Cybele is, to the degree that timeless entities can be said to have an ‘age’, the youngest of the Gods. Her domain is that of new life: Spring and young love, and the attendant festivities you might expect—laughter, music and dance.

Cybele commonly takes the form of a beautiful young woman—though the details of her visage remain a mystery, for no one can agree on the details. If you ask a dozen bards to describe Cybelle, you would hear twelve different songs describing her face, her eyes, her hair, her smile… for each of them will see in her the memories of his first true love.

Her demeanor is typically ebullient and flirtatious. She radiates an air of innocence and naivety. She is a creature of the moment, always laughing and looking for something new to keep her entertained. She bores easily and rarely stays in one place for long.

Flighty and self-absorbed, Cybele expects unwavering attention and affection from everyone around her—mortal and immortal. She is temperamental and given to short fits of anger when she doesn’t get her way. Fortunately, these tantrums pass quickly and are immediately forgotten.

She cannot be trusted to keep a promise and will deny it was made once that promise is broken. She is, however, generous and caring, and views mortals as creatures of worth and value—as worshippers and loyal servants, if nothing else.[1]

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