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Crows are the players themselves and upon death, they assume Crow form when released from their vessel. They then need to fly to a Hero Statue (see compass) to recover the vessel.

Crowfall Crow Apparition

  • Hold [G] to return to temple.
  • Hold [F] in the temple to return into the vessel.

"Light of Arkon! Another Crow has risen!" - Guillermo the Lamplighter, in the chamber of Resurrection, Temple of Earth.

"You are a Crow, an eternal champion of the Gods! The Gods have lifted the burden of mortality from you so that you may forever wage war on their behalf-- against both the all-devouring Hunger and-- fellow Crows."

"Is that a Crow come up from the crypt? Oh, thank the Gods." - Brak Lionshield, Temple of Earth.

A Crow possesses a body, but that body only acts as a vessel- or conduit for the power of the crow's indomitable spirit. Crows are meant to be natural warriors, and a Crow's talents are their memories of the past, which come back to them as they earn experience, explore, and kill enemies.

"The protections afforded us by the gods are waning, and ancient guardians like myself are too old and too few to defend the innocent from these new enemies. The people need new champions. They need the Crows." - Sentinel of Earth, Temple of Earth.

Crowfall Crow from Intro Movie.

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