Creation Runes

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Creation Runes are an important part of character creation in the game and there are creation runes for every character and Discipline Runes, which can be acquired during the game. Get back to Mainarticle: Runes.

Creation Runes[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Creation Points Prerequisites Grants
20px Ambidexterity -5
20px Demonic Blood -10
20px Dim Witted +10
20px Drought & Famine Resistant -10
20px Eagle Eye -5 Accuracy with ranged weapons is increased[1]
20px Erudite -5
20px Fleet Footed -10 +10 Movement
20px Giant's Blood -15
20px Lighting Reflexes -10
20px Lucky -5
20px Noble Born -10
20px Poor Eye Sight +10