Crafting is a central part of the player-driven Economy in Crowfall. The most obvious goal of crafting in Crowfall is to enable players to create amazing items that tie directly into the different systems, like equipment, city building and sieging. The less obvious but equally important goal is to create interlocking behaviors that drive players to engage with other players.

Every character has the ability craft some items from a variety of resources, from the beginning of the game. Further crafting requires the accumulation of recipes via Discipline Runestones and other gameplay mechanics.


Most crafting systems recipes are very specific. 3 iron ingots and 2 wool cloth will craft an Iron Plate Helm. This recipe is repeated up the chain, mapping each tier of metal to a unique recipe. At the end of the day, the crafter has 500 recipes, most of them unused.

Crowfall’s recipes are fluid; because the ingredients are not as strict, which leads to a higher degree of system exploration.

Crowfall PreAlphaCraftingInterface
  • Basic Crafting
    • Basic Harvesting Tools
      • Basic Harvesting Axe
      • Basic Harvesting Hammer
      • Basic Harvesting Knife
      • Basic Harvesting Pick
    • Basic Weapons
      • Basic Arrows
      • Basic Axe
      • Basic Book of Arkon
      • Basic Dagger
      • Basic Great Axe
      • Basic Great Sword
      • Basic Longsword
      • Basic Mystical Throwing Hammer
      • Basic Pistol
      • Basic Recurve Bow
      • Basic Shield
      • Basic Short Sword
      • Basic Sickle
    • Basic Alchemy
      • Basic Poison Toxin Vial
      • Basic Potion of Harvest: Dust
    • Basic Ritual
      • Basic Runebind
      • Ethereal Sight
    • Basic Survivalist
      • Basic Bandage
      • Meat Tartare
      • Survivalist Campfire
  • Runemaking
    • Runes
    • Rune Components
      • Speciality Seal
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