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To become a great warrior one must focus first on the basics. Understanding the different nuances of offensive and defensive combat is only the first aspect of truly becoming a great warrior. Engagement in any form of battle requires proficiency and reflexive behaviour that can only be obtained through exercise. With a strong foundation, practice, and training, one can become a truly multifaceted combatant.
~ from the ingame description about this skill
Combat basics tree

The Combat basics tree

Combat Basic Training
Personal Critical Hit Modifier
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
Group Leader Combat Leadership
Elemental Mitigations
Organic Mitigations
Attack Power
Group Leader Inspired Critical Hit Damage
Group Leader Inspired Critical Hit Chance
Physical Mitigations
Attack Control Intensity
Hard Control Intensity
Movement Control Intensity
Group Leader Inspired Bonus Lifesteal
Movement Control Defense
Attack Control Defense
Organic Armor Penetration
Group Leader Inspired Bonus Thorns
Hard Control Defense
Elemental Armor Penetration
Physical Armor Penetration
Group Leader Combat Specialist
Basic Combat Mastery