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Caravans are parties of adventurers hauling materials and goods around the campaign worlds, and particularly between different points of interest on the map.[1] They can move resources within and between worlds, allowing players to establish trade routes and to build a mercantile empire. The act of hauling materials and goods around the world is a strategic decision fraught with risk and the Caravan system opens the door to escort activities, ambushing and increased emergent gameplay.[2]

The limited inventory space and local banks in the campaigns should foster the use of this system for the transportation of resources. Resource collection is a massive part of Crowfall vision and the Caravan system is going to make the foundation of the game much stronger.[3]

Beasts of burden[ | ]

The Pack Pig is a Guinecean animal used by the players to cart materials on the map. This pack animal can be magically summoned by the owners of the Pack Pig figurine.[4]

Developer quotes[ | ]

J Todd Coleman: "Mounts are great, and players love them -- but the game implications of having materials require you to protect them as you transport them around the map -- the strategic implications of that are HUGE. The emergent behaviors that it causes, like when a party ambushes you and kill your mule, leaving you with a pile of really valuable stuff you can't carry -- this strengthens the foundation of the game in EVERY ruleset."[5]

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