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The Assassin is one of the playable classes in Crowfall. The Assassin underwent a lot of changes and now belongs to the many available classes in the game, after the concept of archetypes was abandoned by the Developers. With the massive reveal on May 18th, 2017, the Assassin now can be played by several races, too.

Concept of a male Fae Assassin

Concept of a female Fae Assassin

Available Races[]

Kiss Me Goodbye


Not all Crows were heroes in life. Assassins ply a darker trade; sharp knives, deadly poisons and silent arrows are the tools they use to carve an inglorious role in history. Untrustworthy and ruthless, these dark mercenaries rarely travel in groups and begrudge military discipline – but their subtle skills are quite effective when it comes to toppling regimes and ending dynasties.


I had a brother, once… for a few minutes. I think I was born first?

The Farewell Kiss is swift and painless. We are not monsters, after all. No one needs to suffer.

Some mothers cry. Some plead for assistance. My mother did neither.

For generations, this has been our practice. For generations, we have known peace.

Men do not belong in the Riverlands…. not even the breeders. They are captured, they serve their purpose, and they are killed. Many treat their enemies less kindly, I think.

Think of the worst tyrant in history. How many lives could have been saved – how many wars averted – by a sharp blade, at the moment of his birth?

Why did I say HIS birth?

You know why. When I asked you to think of a tyrant, no woman crossed your mind. One life, for many. Quite the bargain, yes?

I say to you: the Hunger is not your enemy. Your enemy walks among you, charming and handsome, with a tongue full of lies.

Stats and Equipment[]

Dexterity: Critical Strike, Resist All, and Attack Power

Strength: Damage Bonus

Intelligence: Critical Damage and Healing Bonus

Spirit: Support Power and Stamina

Constitution: Health

Resource: Power PIPS - Base Max 5, Cap Max 7

Armor: Leather

Weapons: Dual Wield Axes, Daggers, and Maces

Role: DPS, Burst DPS, DOT, CC, Sustain, Bruiser, Off-Tank

Promotion Classes[]

Choose one per character:

  • Promotion Class - Cuttthroat
  • Promotion Class - Blackguard
  • Promotion Class - Vandal

Base Abilities[]

Attack Abilities
Power - Assassin - Swift Cut.png Power - Assassin - Double Swing.png Power - Assassin - Deadly Overhead.png
Ult - Assassin - Shadowstep.png
Ret - Assassin - Retaliate.png

Talent Tree[]

Base Talent Abilities[]

Powers Passives
Power - Assassin - Kidney Shot.png Passive - Assassin - Poison Toxin.png
Power - Assassin - Backstab.png Passive - Assassin - Disease Toxin.png
Power - Assassin - Disengage.png Power - Assassin - Engage.png Passive - Assassin - Nature Toxin.png
Power - Assassin - In The Zone.png
Power - Assassin - Diffusion.png
Power - Assassin - Recon.png
Power - Assassin - Dagger Storm.png Power - Assassin - Dagger Storm 1.png Power - Assassin - Dagger Storm 2.png Power - Assassin - Dagger Storm 3.png

Promotion Classes and Talent Abilities[]

Cutthroat (DPS behind Target) Blackguard (Self Sustain, Life Steal) Vandal (CC, DOT)
  • Runic Axes
  • Runic Daggers
  • Runic Maces
  • Mail Armor
  • Runic Axes
  • Runic Daggers
  • Runic Maces
  • Runic Axes
  • Runic Daggers
  • Runic Maces
  • +6% Critical Strike
  • +3% Damage Bonus
  • +10% Pierce Damage Bonus
  • +10% Pierce Damage Bonus Cap
  • +225 Attack Power
  • +15% Anti-Critical Strike
  • +1050 Maximum Health
  • +30% Bleed Resistance
  • +10% Slashing Damage Bonus
  • +10% Slashing Damage Bonus Cap
  • +10% Final Mitigation Cap
  • +18% Movement Crowd Control
  • +18% Hard Crowd Control
  • +10% Crushing Damage Bonus
  • +10% Crushing Damage Bonus Cap

Power - Cutthroat - Ambush.png


Power - Blackguard - Spirit Dart.png


Power - Vandal - Cheap Shot.png

Enhanced Powers
  • Kidney Shot: causes stunned enemies to take +10% damage for 6 seconds
  • In The Zone: +10% Armor Penetration Piercing while active
  • Backstab: deals +10% damage from behind
Enhanced Powers
  • Kidney Shot: -30% Cooldown, Applies a Barrier when stunning and Enemy
  • In The Zone: Increased duration by 3 seconds per PIP spent
  • Backstab: -30% Cooldown
Enhanced Powers
  • Poison Toxin: +10% Damage
  • Nature Toxin: +10% Damage
  • Disease Toxin: +10% Damage
  • Kidney Shot: Applies a Severe Bleed when stunning and enemy
  • In The Zone: Has a chance to refund Combo Points on every Attack
  • Backstab: Suppresses target when used from behind

Passive - Cutthroat - Shadow Strikes.png

***(This passive does not need to be equipped to be active)


Passive - Blackguard - Poison Paradise.png

***(This passive does not need to be equipped to be active)


Passive - Vandal - Yaga's Gift.png

***(This passive does not need to be equipped to be active)