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Arkyn or Arkon is a god in Crowfall, son of Valkyn, the brother of Kane, and the husband of Gaea. He and Gaea are the creators of men.

22And so the High Prince Arkon accepted as his birthright the Sun, which was stolen by his Father from Yaemir the serpent king.23 His brother Kane was furious that he should be denied the gift of fire, for the great smith loved not his barren realm the Moon.

24 Arkon took the rising sun as his symbol, adorning it on his golden plate and tabard. 25 He took Gaea for his wife at his Father’s insistence 26 and she bore for him the Race of Men. The children of Arkon and Gaea did multiply beneath the Arch and the flickering light of civilization took root in the shadow of Lyessa. 27 The last of their issue was the Race of Elken 28 and Prince D'Orion the Sky Hunter the first of his kind.

29 For many years there was peace and the union was fruitful 30 but the marriage of Justice and Life was one of convenience, not Love 31 and thus was it poisoned at the root.[1]
~ Book of Justice, Chapter 7: 22 to 31

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