Archetypes are the base of classes within Crowfall.

Start with a base archetype (such as a Knight) and add advantages (such as "Eagle Eyes", which increases archery skill) and disadvantages (such as "Poor health", which decreases endurance -- but frees up points to spend elsewhere). From there, Classes can be promoted (from "Knight" to "Sentinel", a heavily armored ranged warrior) and take up to three Disciplines, such as "Archery", "Blacksmithing" and "Bounty Hunter."

Players can create and manage multiple characters and participate in multiple Campaigns at once -- each with unique powers, skills and resources!

Each hero archetype represents a core role and play style. For instance, certain heroes will be extremely effective in combat situations while others excel at crafting and resource management. Though each role is initially balanced for distinct uses, players will have multiple ways to customize their hero's stats, appearance, abilities and gear.

As characters grow they can advance to one of many Promotion classes -- and pick up to three Disciplines -- to dramatically alter and enhance their skills and capabilities.

Advancement Edit

Characters do not have discrete “levels” like most traditional MMOs.

There are two ways that a character can increase skills: passive training (in a method similar to “Eve Online”) and active training (i.e. doing things in game). Active training can help players get a jump start on a new skill, but it can only get basic competency. The primary method of increasing skills is passive training.

Passive training

Passive training allows players to advance their character(s) skills, whether or not they are actively logged in and playing the game. Narratively speaking, this is represented in the game by having a temple with Thrall priests “praying” for the Hero to remember the skills from their previous life.

  • Players can train a character in three skills at any one time. They don't all advance at the same rate, however. They select a primary, secondary and tertiary skill to advance. The primary will advance quickest, followed by the secondary, followed by the tertiary.
  • A VIP membership allows players to train three characters in parallel. Each character will also have three passive training slots (i.e. it works the same way with ALL THREE characters, as it does with the first one.)
  • Players can change (and re-order) which three skills they want to train at any time.

Types Edit

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Crowfall - Eternal Heroes

Crowfall - Eternal Heroes

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