Crowfall вики

Developers for Crowfall appear to have come up with a novel solution for bridging servers. Each server is said to be a unique world that is shaped dynamically by the players and events that take place there. Along with this though, players will be able to travel between worlds in some manner that has not yet been revealed.

The Worlds or Dying Worlds types we know of at this time are: Dregs, The Shadow, The Infected, God's Reach, and Eternal Kingdoms[1].
Each of these world types will have different rules depending their orbit in the Orbit in the Universe

Each Dying World will experience 4 seasons starting with Spring then moving in order through Summer, Fall, and Winter. The changing of the season will effect the environment providing visual ques to players that "Winter is Coming". NPCs will also change with the season in appearance and possibly even abilities and power. At the end of the Winter season there will be a Cataclysmic event that brings about the end of the world and the end of that Campaign.

«On Crowfall, we changed this model. We still have distinct servers -- but and the worlds are unique. How unique? VERY unique. In fact, the the maps are different from one world to the next. Mountains, forests, rivers, lakes. And these worlds are dynamic; they're made to change based on player actions. We'll cover more about that later. The result is a universe of unique WORLDs, not just a list of instanced servers. Crowfall_WorldArchitectureChart.jpg Why would we do that? Why make each world unique? To allow the the characters to travel between them, of course! This one, fundamental change opens a HUGE array of design possibilities. We'll talk in more detail about the design implications in future updates.»

— JToddColeman [[[2]|(источник)]]