Crowfall вики

«Players take the roles of Divine Champions, immortal participants in the War of the Gods. They join the Campaigns to scavenge the Dying Worlds for relics, resources and glory.»

— JToddColeman [[[1]|(источник)]]

The worlds of Crowfall will fall into 5 different categorical orbits that will define at least a portion of the rules that will uniquely govern each world. The table below is based on information available as of 01/29/15.

Orbit PVP Type Loot Rules Decay Rules Import Rules Export Rules Faction Rules
Dregs No Factions Win=100%, Lose=0% Free For All
The Shadow Guild Free For All 100% Inventory + 20% Equipment 30% on Death No Import Win=80%, Kneel=50%, Lose=20% Guild vs Guild
God's Reach Factional 100% Inventory 20% on Death All Equipment Win=75%, Lose=25% 6-12 Deitys
The Infected Factional Win=70%, Lose=30% Order, Balance, Chaos
Eternal Kingdoms Variable Set by Monarch